The Power of a Strong Password (CS001)
Cyber Security
The Power of a Strong Password (CS001)
How many times have you opened a new app and typed the same password you’ve had since forever? And if it doesn’t accept it, you say, “Ok, I’ll add a 1 on the end. A capital letter? Fine. Now it wants to recommend a password too? How on...
The Danger of Viruses and Malware (CS002)
Cyber Security
The Danger of Viruses and Malware (CS002)
There are lots of sci-fi classics about dystopian futures where the human race is enslaved by the technology it has created. All of this used to sound implausible, but take one look at social media today and you’ll see we’re not that far...
Keeping Your Data Safe (CS003)
Cyber Security
Keeping Your Data Safe (CS003)
There are currently over 4.5 billion internet users. That’s a mind-boggling amount of people creating data – no wonder the internet is called the “information superhighway.” With every webpage you visit, you leave a digital footprint. In...
Keeping Your Mobile Safe (CS004)
Cyber Security
Keeping Your Mobile Safe (CS004)
Who could have predicted that the sum total of all knowledge in the world would be accessible through a tiny device that we all keep in our pockets? Even fewer could’ve predicted that we only seem to use it to watch cute kitty videos. Totally...
The Risks of Ransomware (CS005)
Cyber Security
The Risks of Ransomware (CS005)
It’s been a stalwart of movie plots since cinema began: Bad guy kidnaps the love interest of the main protagonist, demands an impossible ransom, and hero has to try and save the day. When it happens on screen for your entertainment, it’s...
Maintaining Customer Service Across Channels (CSE01)
Customer Service
Maintaining Customer Service Across Channels (CSE01)
“Should we be focusing on customer service or customer experience?” That might sound like a trick question, but customer service and customer experience are two very different parts of the same puzzle. Understanding how the two terms...
Customer Relationships (CSE03)
Customer Service
Customer Relationships (CSE03)
When you’re trying to solve a customer’s problem or make a sale, it can be a challenge not to focus on your own agenda. You have quotas to meet and metrics to beat. But handling a situation incorrectly or in a pushy manner will not...
Customer Loyalty (CSE04)
Customer Service
Customer Loyalty (CSE04)
Think back to any time you were rudely refused a refund, cold-called or received an impersonal birthday message from a stranger on LinkedIn, and you’ll realize you know exactly how to destroy a potential customer relationship. Keeping...
Effective Problem Solving (CSE05)
Customer Service
Effective Problem Solving (CSE05)
You’re most likely familiar with this scenario. A difficult issue or unreasonable request comes up during the 5 minutes before the end of your shift. You’re tempted to shoot off the first response that comes to mind just to get the customer...
Handling Complaints Gracefully (CSE06)
Customer Service
Handling Complaints Gracefully (CSE06)
It’s a well-known fact that everyone loves to give advice, but nobody likes to take it. And this doesn’t change because you’ve got your name on the office door, or you’re the employee of the year. But, unhappy employees or disgruntled...

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