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The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course

The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course, which incorporates social proof and community at its core, will take your communications from “Humdrum” to “Hallelujah!” You’ll learn how to transform ordinarily bland and boring organizational communications into authentic and relatable community-driven conversations; how to strategically and efficiently extending their reach; and how to effectively drive bottom-line results.
This course comprises four complementary training modules, consisting of 35 bite-size lessons for a total training time of 10.5 hours, which you can go through at your own pace. Each lesson comes with a downloadable PDF of slides, custom worksheets and handouts, suggested exercises, and several quizzes are included for knowledge checks. A progress tracker helps you keep tabs of your progress, and you will receive a personalized certificate upon course completion.
Here is how The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course is structured:
Module 1: Social PR Foundation Setting
• The 7C Social PR Framework™ that will keep your strategy on the straight and narrow
• The 9 categories of Social PR audiences, 7 of whom we rarely think about
• A worksheet to identify low-high priorities on listening and engagement for each audience
• A step-by-step framework for using digital tools for data discovery using keyword techniques
• A proven, and proprietary, methodology for media list building that covers all the bases no one ever thinks of
Module 2: Deconstructing Social PR Content
• An at-a-glance matrix and workflow to develop and deliver the “Batman and Robin” of content: messaging and proof points
• 9 techniques for crafting pitch perfect sound bites
• SEO principles for Social PR that will make Google do the two-step
• An over-the-shoulder look into the content that gave Oxfam America a whopping 300% jump in conversions
• A hack for creating pithy and punchy Social PR content
• A proven, and proprietary, Social PR editorial calendar template

Module 3: Optimizing Social PR Outreach
• The 6 words without which your Social PR efforts are doomed
• The ONE question you have to be able to answer before pitching anyone (except maybe your mother!)
• 6 BIG no good VERY BAD must NEVER do elements of a pitch
• 3 often-overlooked Social PR hacks that are your secret weapons
• A low-effort, high-impact daily listening workflow for all Social PR Virtuosos
• A behind-the-scenes look at the now-classic Blue Key campaign
• Getting a word IN rather than just getting the word OUT, bring your audience to your content
Module 4: Measuring Social PR Success
• The 3 buckets of PR metrics that will outlast us all, and how to fill them
• A proprietary template for a one-page, at-a-glance, measurement framework
• The three MOST effective tools for smart Social PR measurement, especially if you're on a budget
• Tracking for non-techies, Trekkies, and journalism majors
• What puppies and kittens will teach you, about measurement
• My custom-created automagical Google Analytics URL-building spreadsheet

Reminder: in addition to the video trainings, you'll also receive downloadable PDFs of the slides, plus 25+ handouts, cheat sheets, mind maps and worksheets, that will prepare you to literally tackle anything and everything related to smart, strategic Social PR.
  • The Social PR Virtuoso Master Course - Module-1
  • The Social PR Virtuoso Master Course - Module-2
  • The Social PR Virtuoso Master Course -Module-3
  • The Social PR Virtuoso Master Course -Module-4
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever